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Misery Bay 2012 Solo Championship Guidelines

1. Series points will accumulate for Misery Bay Region and paid dual region members who compete in a minimum of five (5) of Nine (9) scheduled point events.

2. The driver must have a minimum of 5 events in a single class to be eligible in that class. If the driver competes in more than 5 events, the best 5 finishes will count toward the series points total.

3. The Out of Region event with WNY will count for class points.

4. The total series points accumulated at the end of the season will determine class champions. If a tie results, there will be co-champions in the class unless determined otherwise by a quorum of Misery Bay Officers.

5. The series points system will be as follows: Individual event class points are based on both your time and your class winner's time. Divide your class winner's best time by your best time, multiply the result by 1000, and round to the nearest whole point.

6. A driver can qualify for a series point in one class with multiple cars, provided they have competed in the required number of events.

7. In the event a car develops a problem during an event such that it cannot continue in competition, the driver may use a different vehicle to finish the event. To qualify for series points, the replacement vehicle must be from either the same or a slower class as determined by the currently published PAX index.

8. Series points will not be affected by class bumping. 

9. Trophy/Award groups will be formed from the existing classes and awards will be given according to the 2008 MBR Supplemental Rules

10. The nationally published PAX factors will be used for PAX scoring.

11. The year end PAX award will be based on finishing PAX position at each event. (i.e. PAX points are based on both your time and the PAX winner's time. Divide the PAX winner's time by your PAX time, multiply the result by 1000, and round to the nearest whole point. Best 5 events totaled for year end trophy)