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Bill's Latest BS

The latest BS from Bill!

I wasn’t hibernating, but now after astrange winter, things start to get busy!



Sno-Go Road Rally


February 26, 2017



We would like to thank everyone who came out to our Sno-Go Rally. Again, after 2 weeks of setting up the

rally with almost perfect hard packed snow, Mother Nature took the rally’s name to heart and delivered record

highs in the days before the rally. We did find some snow out in the State Game Lands near Union City. The

mud and potholes weren’t all that bad, except one “street” in Corry. All the cars got seriously dirty and all

received a bottle of car wash. The rally went from the Wendy’s on I-90 and PA 8, out to Lake Erie Speedway,

down to a pause in Corry and finished at Charlie’s Pub in Edinboro. We had 2 cars from the Columbus area,

and 2 from around Pittsburgh. Lots of prizes! Dave Sellers and Janis Ford won by only ONE point and new

members Peter Olszewski and Dan Galiffa won Novice. Major thanks to Dave Hammer and Matt DeLacy who

pre-ran, Kathy Vanderwende at Registration, and Greg Lester, Dave Hammer, Joel Donaldson, Lance Dunn,

Ron Madurski, and Sam Mehler at the checkpoints. Your help was greatly appreciated.




Place Driver & Navigator(s) Vehicle Points

First Overall, First Equipped Dave Sellers & Janis Ford Subaru Impreza                   12

Second Overall, Second Equipped John Laslo & Rick Beattie Porsche 924S            13

Third Overall, Third Equipped Ron Johnstonbaugh & Caleb Abbott Toyota Siena     15

Fourth Overall, First Stock Mark Swick & Melissa Steele Subaru Outback                 90

Fifth Overall, First Tourist Guy Steadman & Tom Stolarski Toyota RAV 4                164

Tim Steadman & Megan Stolarski

Sixth Overall, First Novice Peter Olszewski & Daniel Galiffa Lexus ES 350                181

Seventh Overall, Second Novice Marvin & Sandy Lockwood RAM 1500                  271

Eighth Overall, Third Novice Brad Thompson & James Palmer Chevrolet Sonic        309



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